Plamen Mitev, Prof. PhD – Executive Director

Plamen Mitev is a professor in Bulgarian history at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of History. His research expertise and academic publications treat a broad specter of research topics, related to economic and social history of the Ottoman Empire during 18 and 19 century; different aspects of the history of the Bulgarian Renaissance and the development og the Bulgarian political question; the Eastern question and the role of the Bulgarians; the creation of the diplomatic missions and foreign propaganda in the Balkans, etc. Prof. Mitev was coordinator and participant in various scientific projects, funded by the Scientific Research Fund, Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria. His commitment to the activities of the Center for Regional Studies and Analyses dates from the beginning of the Center in 2014, when as a Dean of the Faculty of History he hailed the idea and actively supported it. Nowadays prof. Mitev is managing director of the Center for Regional Studies and Analyses.


Ivan Parvev, Prof. Dr. Habil. – Academic Director

His main research interests lie in the filed of:

  • European-Ottoman Relations, 16-18 Century
  • History of the Eastern Question, 18-19 Century
  • Habsburg-Ottoman Relations, 18-20 Century
  • Germany and Southeast Europe, 18-19 Century


Grigor Boykov, Phd – Researcher

Grigor Boykov holds a PhD in Ottoman history from the Bileknt University, Ankara. His research interests and publications treat the various aspects of the social, demographic, urban and architectural history of Bulgaria and the Balkans during the Ottoman period. Boykov has been a researcher in Center for Regional Studies and Analyses since its establishment in early 2014. He is lecturing courses on the history of the Ottoman Empire and its presence on the Balkans, problems of the minorities in the region, spreading of Islam throughout the Balkans and the history of the Muslim communities in the BA and MA programs of the Faculty of History, Sofia University. Grigor Boykov has an underlined interest in digital humanities and participates in several digital projects like Historic and Geographic Informational System of Southeast Europe; Zografski Digital Archive at Sofia University; the platform – incubator of digital initiatives in the field of Ottoman history Open Ottoman; Gazetteer of Ottoman Bulgaria (GOB), etc.


Maria Kiprovska – Researcher

Maria Kiprovska has been a researcher in Center for Regional Studies and Analyses since its establishment in early 2014. She is an expert in Ottoman history and her research interest is directed towards the processes of establishment of state structure of the early Ottoman Empire, as well as towards the role of the Ottoman and Balkan military elites in Ottoman expansion policy. Kiprovska also has an interest in studying the Ottoman architectural heritage as a means of expressing political power and mastering the space. In the focus of her previous publications are different aspects from the Ottoman social and political history. She has participated in various international and national research projects and has received prestigious scholarships in the field of Ottoman studies, including the Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship at ARIT and Junior Residential Fellowship at the Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations in Istanbul.


Maria Baramova, PhDCollaborator

Maria Baramova’s research interest is focused on the relations between Central Europe and the Balkans during the 15-18 century, the geopolitical and geospatial problems of Southeast Europe, the legal aspects of European-Ottoman relations, Balkans as a media topic during the Early Modern Era, etc.


Georgi BurnaskiCollaborator

Georgi Burnaski has been a junior researcher in CRIA since mid-2014. He is also a PhD student in Sofia University, Faculty of History. His research work is concentrated around topics about the Turkish minority in the modern Bulgarian state, the social construction of the minority and the processes of transformation of the elites in the second half of 20 century. George has specialized in the Institute of East European History at the University of Vienna, Austria, and was a Fellow of the American Research Center in Sofia (ARCS). He participates in a number of research projects, including “State Security and Labour Unions in Socialistic Bulgaria”, “The Fate of the Waqf Estates in the Transitional Period from Imperial to National State Governance”.


Mihail Simov, PhDCollaborator

Mihail Simov works in the National History Museum. His scientific work covers different aspects of the Balkan policy of Russia and the Russian-Bulgarian relations during 19 century. His PhD dissertation treats the Russian intelligence in Southeast Europe during the 1856-1878 period


Hristo Hristozov, PhD - Collaborator

Hristo Hristozov defended his doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of History of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski "in May 2017. His research interests are focused on the Ottoman social and economic history and the history of the environment. In his doctorate he analyzes the interaction between environmental change and social transformations in the Rhodope Mountains in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Hristozov specialized in Leibniz center Modern Orient, Berlin and was a Fellow of the American Research Center in Sofia and of the Sofia University's Center of Excellence in the Humanties "Alma Mater".