The mission of the Center for Regional Studies and Analyses (CRSA) is to study and analyse various aspects of the past and present-day history of the Balkan and Asia Minor region as well as neighboring regions in the context of bilateral relations. The Center will have its own research and analysis program, and will endeavor to attract graduates of the Sofia University with the relevant language training.

CRSA's tasks are focused on research and analysis of events, processes, personalities and phenomena related to Southeast Europe and its neighboring European and non-European regions. The main focus is directed at what can be termed "Zeitgeschichte", that is, "History of Contemporaneity". Depending on the specific subject of the study, it is possible, and in many cases also necessary, references to the era of Early Modern Time to be made.

CRSA will organize conferences, lectures, public and training seminars related to Southeastern Europe in a regional and interregional context. One of the main tasks of CRSA is to become a center of regional expertise in the field of politics, history, economics, social and interconfessional relations, etc. The Center will look for parties concerned and will actively offer its research and expertise to state institutions as well as to non-governmental organizations, companies and other academic units.